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Stable Coin investing made easy.
Transparent & SEC Registered.

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Earn returns without a bank in the middle.

Invest in digital assets vetted by financial professionals.

We do all the work.

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SEC Registered

We are a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), regulated by the SEC.

That means we must
always act in your best interest, legally.

Redefine what a financial company is.

When you invest with Medici, you have a vote, not just a voice.

Propose ideas, vote on initiatives, make Medici what you want it to be.

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We Manage ~ You Control

How it works

How does it work?

Step 1. Get Going

Create your own crypto wallet in just a few clicks.


We'll handle all the complex stuff behind the scenes, all you need to do is answer some basic questions.   

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Step 2. Start Investing

We use an asset-rating system designed by financial analysts to build your portfolio of Stable Coins.

You can invest and withdraw anytime.

Step 3. Earn Return

Any returns you earn are deposited safely into your crypto wallet.

We take a small fee on your invested assets (always less than 3% per year). It's that simple. 

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“We have an opportunity to reform the financial system,
to turn it into the public utility that it’s supposed to be.”

- Paul Vigna, Wall Street Journal -

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