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Liquid & transparent access to the private markets.
Built on Blockchain - SEC Registered.

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Fund Investments that don't lock you in.

Invest in private market funds that don't lock you in for longer than needed.

Trade your investments when you need to.


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See what your Fund manager is doing.

Medici provides end-to-end transparency, built on blockchain.

You can see every move and every decision your fund managers make, all clearly logged on the blockchain. 


Access Funds you wouldn't usually find. 

Access unique fund managers vetted by our team, giving you private market options you wouldn't usually find.

How it works

How does it work?

Step 1. Join The Club

Register with Medici and gain access to a diverse portfolio of investment opportunities.


Once you're approved, you'll unlock a curated selection of private equity, real estate, hedge funds, and cryptocurrency investments tailored to your financial goals.

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Step 2. Start Investing

Choose from an array of funds that align with your financial goals, investing with unparalleled flexibility.


Our innovative fund-LP token structure, powered by blockchain technology, eliminates traditional barriers such as high minimum investments and cumbersome onboarding processes, allowing for a seamless investment experience.

Step 3. Change Your Mind

Medici redefines the flexibility in private market investments. Unlike traditional models that may restrict your assets for up to a decade, our platform ensures liquidity with the option to sell your fund shares to other investors post the SEC-mandated 1-year holding period.


We believe in empowering our investors with control over their investments – because it’s your money, and your freedom to adapt should never be compromised.



Management fees vary by fund & strategy.

SEC Registered

We are a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), regulated by the SEC.

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