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So, what exactly is a DAO?

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A new type of community-directed company enabled by blockchain.


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In a traditional company, investors elect members of a Board, and that board then goes on to govern the corporation, hire managers, and decide on the direction of the company. It's all done behind closed doors, and the voice of the customer (i.e., the user), is powerless. 

Enter DAOs - Decentralized Autonomous Organizations

DAOs are an organization represented by rules encoded as a transparent computer program. Unlike traditional corporations, DAOs are controlled by the members of the company (token holders), and are not influenced by a central authority (such as a board).

This means that a DAO exists with more input from its member base, and less top down control from special-interest groups, investors, and managers.

In more

For centuries now, companies have been ultimately managed by executives and a Board of Directors that are intended to act in the best interest of the shareholders/investors.


What is an investors primary objective? Return on investment (aka make more money). This incentivized structure has led to companies becoming super focused on profits, often cutting costs or impacting product quality to improve the bottom line.

The stock market has made it easier for you – a consumer – to become a shareholder for companies and brands that you believe will result in more value to your wallet. But, let’s face it. Unless you are one of the mega-rich, your voice as a shareholder is not very meaningful and you have a better bet voicing your praise or grievances through social media.

The goals investors and customers are often in conflict. Investors want their investment to pay off and customers just want a bad@$$ product. This is generally how business works. *sigh*

For your visual learners, you probably just heard a bunch of “blehblehbleh”, so here is a picture:

So, what is a DAO?

For starters, it stands for Decentralized Autonomous Organization. Let’s break that down:

 - Decentralized: No central or single authority.

 - Autonomous: Independent. Free-thinking. Functions on its own.

 - Organization: Group of people.

DAOs are organizations enabled by blockchain. That's a fancy way of saying new technology that more fairly represents what members actually want.


In this case, members are not necessarily synonymous with owners or investors. Members are more simply just people with common interests who choose to participate in the DAO that reflect those interests.

Everyone gets a vote, and the blockchain manages and records that vote. The effect is a more transparent and automated decision process. And – honestly – technology just does what it was designed to do. There’s no emotion, or backroom deals, or ulterior motives.

So how do we know it works? Because there are literally hundreds of DAOs right now, ranging from Bitcoin projects to art investment funds.

Hey – visual folks – here’s your cue:

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Call us capitalist hippies if you want – but we believe that if you’re part of the journey with us, we all deserve to participate in key decision making.


That doesn’t mean we want to bore you with the boring stuff – but the fun stuff. Like:

 - What tools do you need to help you make sense of your financial future?

 - If we engage with a partner, who should they be?

 - Should we enter a new geographic market?

 - Do you like the CEO?

Almost forgot to mention. As a SEC recognized Registered Investment Advisor, we still behave by the rules and regulations that a traditional advisor does. Why? Because we want to do as much as possible to make sure we don't royally F#!% up something simple or obvious.

There you have it.


No smoke and mirrors. Just a group of people who are frustrated with the archaic system we have and believe there is a modern way to improve it.

We hope you will join us along for the ride.

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How our DAO is structured, what are the rules of engagement, and how you can get involved!

Types of Token

The Token Types In Detail

The Tokens in Detail


This token type represents an equity ownership stake in Project Medici's underlying corporation "C.G. Medici & Co."

Voting within the Investor Token Pool is weighted by ownership amount, so the more Tokens you have accrued, the more voting power you have.

Investor tokens are liquid and can be purchased or sold at any time by any person who meets the purchasing criteria.

Due to SEC Regulation D, all purchasers of Investor Tokens must be Accredited Investors (that's not our preference, but we don't write the regulation, sadly).

Investor Tokens represent 50% of the total DAO pool; so if you own 10% of Investor Tokens, you respectively hold 5% of DAO Voting power.

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This token type is given to all users joining the Project Medici App. One user equals one vote.

Collectively, the user tokens represent 50% of the DAO token pool, balancing the power of the investor class (via Investor Tokens).

User tokens can neither be bought nor sold - known as "soulbound" in the Crypto space. They are granted when you join the app & are revoked if you ever leave the app. 

User tokens can be used to vote on company & product questions, and act as your membership for any Medici DAO events, or Sub-DAOs that you may join as a Medici User. 

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