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What is The Medici Project?

Medici creates transparent and tradable private market funds for investors globally. Our goal is to increase financial access and reduce the power of financial institutions, returning that power to the owners of capital—people like you.

What types of funds does The Medici Project offer?

We offer private market funds based in the USA. Our initial offering is the “Medici Stable Income” fund, which utilizes crypto liquidity pool investing to generate consistent yields. We are also onboarding a Real Estate fund and plan to expand our crypto and real estate offerings, as well as introduce a private equity fund.

How does The Medici Project ensure transparency?

All our funds are accounted for on a public blockchain, making every investment, transaction, and fee publicly auditable and immutable. For assets not on the blockchain, we take direct feeds from associated bank accounts and publish that transactional information to our platform, ensuring full accountability for every penny.


What are the minimum investment requirements?

Any adult can invest in Medici, provided they pass our in-app background check.

The SEC requires that all US-based investors in private funds meet the “Accredited Investor” criteria, which includes having a net worth over $1 million OR an annual income over $200,000, OR being a registered financial professional. We believe this rule is unfair, but we are required to comply with it while striving to provide the best access possible.

Are there any lock-up periods for investments?

(e.g., Stable Income Fund)
These funds are fully liquid, allowing you to withdraw at any time without penalty. 

(e.g., Real Estate Funds)
These funds have lock-up periods for withdrawals. However, you can sell your shares to other investors at any time (subject to some SEC restrictions for the first year).

The Medici Project will never charge a financial penalty to investors for early withdrawl unless it is required by law.

How can I invest in The Medici Project funds?

You can create an account on our app and invest directly from there. Alternatively, you can purchase shares from other Medici fund owners, provided you have completed a background check and, if in the USA, a wealth check as per SEC requirements.

What are the expected returns for the Medici Funds?

Target: 12% - Returns vary depending on crypto market trading volume.

Target: 22.5% - Returns vary based on the success of individual projects.

However, we make no promises regarding returns, as accurate predictions are impossible.


How does The Medici Project manage risk?

Technical Risk
We follow top security and testing practices, ensuring all designs are secure and scalable. Our advisory board—with collective 100+years experience—provides extensive guidance before new products are designed & built.

Investment Risk
We work with fund managers with strong track records and conduct rigorous risk analysis. We even developed a new crypto risk-rating system for our stable income fund as no such rating methodology previously existed.

Operational Risk
We have comprehensive policies and procedures, multiple signers on transactions, and secure cold wallet technology to protect from operational errors, fraud, or theft.

What measures are in place to protect my investment?

We use best-practice risk management and operational processes to protect your capital and ensure fund managers adhere to fund prospectuses. Additionally, our on-chain transparency allows for third-party and investor scrutiny which we believe will further serve to root our potential issues and points of risk. 

Note that investment returns are not guaranteed, and principal investments are not insured.


Can I withdraw my investment at any time?

You can withdraw your investment directly at any time by selling your shares back to the fund. There are no restrictions or penalties for withdrawing from funds with liquid assets, like our stable income fund.

If the fund’s underlying assets are not liquid (e.g., real estate funds), you cannot directly withdraw your investment until the withdrawal period for that fund has elapsed. However, you can sell your shares to another investor at any time.

Please note that US investors are subject to SEC restrictions, which may limit selling shares to others outside the same fund during the first year.

How do you ensure liquidity?

Liquid Markets:
For funds invested in liquid markets, such as the crypto market or the public stock market, liquidity is inherently provided by the underlying market. This allows investors to withdraw funds at any time without restrictions.

Illiquid Markets:
For funds invested in illiquid markets, like real estate and private equity, liquidity is facilitated through direct market transactions. Investors can sell their shares at any time to any willing buyer, providing flexibility even in traditionally less liquid markets.

Enhanced Liquidity System:
To further improve liquidity for illiquid fund types, the Medici Project Team is developing a new liquidity system. This new system aims to significantly enhance liquidity beyond what is currently available through direct market transactions. Stay tuned for updates on this development.

 Are there any fees associated with trading fund shares?

Yes, there are “Gas Fees,” which are a combination of blockchain transaction fees and—in some cases—Medici fees. We use an “L2” blockchain to keep these fees low, typically ranging from a few cents to a few dollars per transaction.


Is The Medici Project open to international investors?

Yes, international investors can join after passing our background check.

What is the process for onboarding new investors?

Onboarding is done through our app, requiring an email for legal contact, a background check via our KYC provider Persona, a legal form of ID, and proof of accreditation for US investors.

Before investing, you must sign the fund’s subscription agreement, which is also completed in-app.


How does The Medici Project use blockchain technology?

Fund Structure:
All funds are constructed on blockchain, recording investor shares.

Background Checks / Accreditation:
Background checks and SEC accreditation are logged to your blockchain wallet.

Blockchain-based Funds:
Some funds, like the Stable Income Fund, operate fully on-chain, generating returns from on-chain activities.

What security measures are in place to protect me?

We use leading technology and operational security measures, including end-to-end encryption, cold-wallet technology, and multi-signer transaction requirements. We follow best operational practices with built-in redundancies and safeguards.


Is The Medici Project compliant with SEC regulations?

Yes, we are an SEC Exempt Reporting Advisor, adhering to SEC Regulation D for US investors and SEC Regulation S for overseas investors. We also follow FINRA and other US financial regulations.

 What accreditation is required for US investors?

US investors must have a net worth over $1 million (excluding the family home), an annual income over $200,000 (for at least two years), or be a registered financial professional with relevant certifications.


How often are fund performance reports provided?

Traditional reports are not provided. Instead, real-time information is available in the Medici app and directly on-chain for blockchain-native funds. We provide all necessary tax information at the end of the year.

Where can I view the transaction history of the funds?

Transaction history is available in the Medici app on the funds’ history page and on blockchain scanning services like Etherscan for blockchain-native funds.


Does The Medici Project offer advisory services?

We do not currently offer direct financial advisory services.

Can I speak directly with a fund manager?

While we do not provide direct contact with fund managers to preserve their time, you can send questions to If your question requires a manager’s input, we will ensure it is answered.

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