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Medici Growth US Real Estate

The Medici Growth US Real Estate fund targets US-based residential real estate projects that provide rehabilitation or redevelopment opportunity to meet America's desperate need for housing.


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The Medici Growth US Real Estate Fund is open to all US & International Investors. US investors must meet SEC Accreditation Status.

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The Medici Growth US Real Estate Fund, in partnership with property developer Clear Summit, targets geographically diversified real estate development projects across the United States. Our portfolio includes a mix of top-tier luxury, middle-market, and affordable housing opportunities, featuring both site redevelopments and greenfield projects.

Our objective is to deliver market-leading investment returns while safeguarding against risk through geographical and project diversity.

Current Projects:

  • 199-unit subdivision at the base of a ski resort in the White Mountain National Forest, New Hampshire

  • 150-unit affordable workforce housing community just outside the Boston metro area

  • 40-acre subdivision on the Hawaiian island of Maui, featuring 36 ocean-view estates and a clubhouse

  • Ultra-luxury single-family homes (multiple units) in a resort community on the Hawaiian island of Kauai


Since the 2008 crisis, builders nationwide have been hesitant to build. Analysts estimate that the US needs to construct 1.5 million homes annually to keep up with aging buildings, environmental events (such as hurricanes and wildfires), and population growth.

Before the financial crisis, we were building around 1.6 to 1.9 million homes per year. However, after the crisis, that number plummeted to just 500,000, a third of what is needed. While construction gradually increased to over 1.6 million in 2022, more than a decade of underbuilding has left the USA with a significant housing shortage.

After years of historically low interest rates, many homeowners are locked into rates between 2-4%, giving them little incentive to sell in today's higher interest rate environment, which could potentially double their monthly mortgage payments. As a result, home sales volume has significantly declined. However, due to the pent-up demand that remains unmet, home prices have held steady (with exceptions in certain US regions).

In this situation, homebuilders are poised to create substantial value for the US real estate economy and generate significant returns for investors who can profit from the considerable gap in America's housing market.


Building homes in diverse areas across America comes with inherent risks. New Hampshire and Hawaii, our core markets, differ significantly in geographic, environmental, and regulatory challenges. To address these risks, our fund has partnered with Clear Summit to effectively execute our development goals.

Clear Summit and their development partners have decades of local expertise in designing, developing, and constructing properties in their respective regions. Their locally-based management teams possess a deep understanding of the unique characteristics of each area. We have carefully selected locations that have demonstrated above-average home price growth, outpacing inflation by a significant margin.

Tax:​ In collaboration with Clear Summit, Medici focuses on minimizing taxable implications across all projects. We conduct cost segregation studies on buildings within the fund to increase tax losses, enabling us to depreciate properties by their individual components. This results in a paper or phantom loss that does not impact cash flow but can create paper losses to offset other capital gains for the year. Unused losses can typically be carried forward to the following year.

Please note that we are not accountants or attorneys, and you should consult your own CPA or attorney for tax and legal advice. Tax advantages and implications differ for domestic and international investors, so all investors should plan accordingly.

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Zander Kempf


Zander is the founder of Medici's Real Estate partner, Clear Summit Investments, with nearly a decade of experience in real estate development, construction, and finance. He began his career in Hawaii, managing the commercial development of high rises, industrial subdivisions, and retail spaces. Zander has since led and financed both residential and commercial projects across Arizona, New Hampshire, and North Carolina, catering to both standard and luxury markets.

Before his real estate ventures, Zander served as a Captain in the 82nd Airborne Division of the US Army, where he was instrumental in liberating Mosul, Iraq from ISIS control. For his service, he received three Army Commendation Medals and a Combat Action Badge.

Outside the office, Zander is a passionate outdoorsman who enjoys climbing, hiking, paddleboarding, and snorkeling in his adopted home of Oahu, Hawaii.

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Medici Stable Income, LP is a Delaware Limited Partnership. Management is provided by C.G. Medici & Co. an SEC registered RIA. 

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