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You already have a bank

MEDICI is what comes next

save time...

...and money

build wealth

plan ahead


Medici securely connects to your existing bank & broker accounts

to help you build a secure financial future.

A.I. that manages your money

so you can be free to be
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Medici uses your goals to create a personal financial plan that suits your lifestyle.

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Medici automatically moves money to your savings & investments.

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Medici ensures that your checking account always has the cash you need.

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Medici analyzes your spending to

build your personal savings plan


As you create goals, Medici

will constantly re-calibrate

your personal strategy

Whatever your path 

MEDICI will guide you

Put your finances on autopilot

Medici takes care of your daily finances

because you have better things to do

INCOME     +$$$
-$$$     HOME
FOOD     -$$$
-$$$     FUN

MEDICI uses logic created by financial advisors to manage your accounts.

That means you can concentrate your time on your career and passions.


Medici concentrates on helping you save towards your goals,

building a foundation for financial security.

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All your needs

just one app

Medici pulls all of your accounts together

so you get a clear picture of your financial world

How Does MEDICI Do It?

Step 1

Create your Medici profile and outline your challenges, goals, and dreams.

Step 2

Link your bank and broker accounts using our secure linkage service.

Step 3

Our A.I. uses your financial data to create a personal plan for you to review.

Step 4

Medici will enact your plan and optimize your accounts to get you on track.

Step 5

Medici keeps you updated and lets you make changes whenever you want.

Step 6

Be free to be.

Medici can handle the rest for you.

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Curious who's building

the future of finance?


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