Another Day, Another Lawsuit

All the legal & regulatory paperwork you could ever want to get out of a fun evening.

Our Privacy Policy

This is where we tell you what we do and don't do with your data. Because selling your data to random companies is weird and uncomfortable, we don't do things like that; this document puts it in black & white.

CCTV Camera
Lawyers in Lobby

SEC Form ADV (1)

This is the nuts & bolts of Medici as an SEC Registered Investment Advisor. A list of exciting legal facts about the company, such as what moth our fiscal year ends, or who our management team is... Yay.

Client Brochure (ADV 2)

This opus outlines how our system manages your money and how our subscriptions work. It's a lot to go through, so I hope you are sitting comfortably!

Business representative
Family Together

Mini Brochure (CRS)

This is a highly-reduced version of the above ADV brochure. The SEC makes all advisors write a CRS because they realized that no one ever read the other one.  

The Pitch Deck

The famous "deck" that every startup is legally required to have. This outlines the master plan in a few colorful slides; explaining how we are creating the first financial company users control (applause).

A presentation at the office
Therapy Session

The DAO Guide

This document outlines the inner workings of the DAO, voting & community guidelines, and all the other "play nice folks" rules that we have put in place to make us better.

Coming Soon