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At Medici, liquidity means you can trade fund shares anytime with ease. Enjoy flexible trading, minimal holding periods, and seamless processes for a smoother investment experience.

What you can do.

Trade your fund shares at any time with investors globally.

Withdraw from certain liquid funds with no penalties.

Buy shares of funds that have already closed.

How we ensure Liquidity.

Direct Withdrawals

For our liquid investment funds, such as the Medici Stable Income Fund, investors can easily access their funds through direct withdrawals. This ensures quick access to your capital when you need it.

Share Trading

For funds that are less liquid, such as real estate investments, we offer the ability to sell shares. This provides a way to exit your investment without having to wait for the underlying assets to be sold.

Liquidity System
(coming soon)

We are developing a new liquidity system based on an automated market maker (AMM). This will enable true market-style liquidity, allowing investors to trade shares more efficiently. Stay tuned for more updates as we work to bring this solution to Medici.

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