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and Advisors


CEO | Co-Founder

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Eliot's career started in the fintech space, providing technology & financial services to some of the world's largest financial institutions.

He founded Medici because he believes that fintech has failed to capture what people really need - freedom from finance.


Marketing Lead

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Enyou spent his early career building a social media marketing brand that has worked with the likes of Express & Walmart. He counts among his circle some of the leading influencers of our age.

Enyou sees Medici as the apex lifestyle brand, allowing anyone to pursue their personal goals.


Data Lead

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Sal has been founding and building technology-centric companies for 30 years, and has spent much of his career designing and working with systems that "cannot fail".
For Sal, Medici is an opportunity to transfer the power of huge data and brilliant AI from the big banks to everyday people and families.


UX Lead

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Alex's career started at NASA. He went on to develop trading algorithms for Wall St., and somehow ended up building UX for Apple. For the past decade he has freelanced his way though numerous projects across a variety of industries. 

For Alex, Medici taps into his whole career, and offers an opportunity to change how we interact with our money, literally.


CFA® Advisor

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Mel is an ex-Wall Street trader. He holds the Chartered Financial Analyst ®️ designation and is a portfolio manager for 1919 Investment Counsel where he advises individuals, families and small institutions.

He helps guide Medici through the creation of product that both aligns with our mission, and follows financial advisory best practices & regulation.


Security Advisor

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Dan's career has led him through the ranks of CTO and consultant to banks & the Federal Government, landing him as an expert in technology security.

At Medici, he ensures that architectural and data security is always part of any discussion or decision.


CTO | Co-Founder

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Elliot has experienced the development ecosystems of both big tech and the startup world in equal share.

He founded Medici because he wanted to use his passion for personal-finance to help everyone else achieve a true state of security.


Product Lead | CFP®

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As a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, Brian's career is spent helping clients and friends make sound financial decisions.

He hopes Medici can spread his knowledge to a wider audience, helping everyone achieve financial freedom.


A.I. Lead | PhD

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Michael has built a number of trading algorithms for the likes of Voya, Invesco, and Société Générale. As an active professor, he has a true academic appreciation for data science.

Medici offers him the chance to use a lifetime of data science experience to bring A.I. to everyone on Main St.


CEO Advisor

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Chris' career has taken him from directing mergers & acquisitions with The Savile Group & KPMG, to helping startups scale through his own firm, VU Partners.

Chris helps Medici think through strategic & business decisions, assuring that each situation is well evaluated before we take action.


Quant. Advisor

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Lange has over 15 years of experience in the capital markets, assisting mutual & hedge fund clients on investment strategy. More recently he has engaged in conducting primary & secondary post-graduate research studies.

Lange helps Medici bring quantitative analytics to our algorithms, helping us build robust asset allocation & portfolio management tools.



Legal Advisor

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Sean's legal career has spanned the creation of numerous business entities and challenged him with a number of unique legals scenarios.

At Medici, he directs us through the numerous legal questions a startup business faces, and his extensive network can cover any legal needs that arise.



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For the past decade Megan has worked as a Relationship Manager in the fintech space, helping large banks & wealth managers with their business structure, and integrating new technologies.

For Megan, Medici amplifies her mission to increase financial literacy for all.


Lead Architect

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David brings decades of architectural experience to the table. He has held roles as the CTO of both as well as Barnes & Noble Online, and has built his own companies from scratch.


He is a firm advocate of using tech to help society and sees Medici as a way to level the playing field.


Product Engineer

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Akim spent his college years studying applied math & physics, and taught himself A.I. development in his spare time.

As a devout technologist, Akim sees Medici as the natural progression of the financial industry.


CPA Advisor

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Kevin is a Certified Public Accountant, multi-time CFO, financial structuring guru, and tax expert for his firm Conner & Associates.

Kevin navigates Medici through financial structure, capital raising, and the daily financial management of our corporation. 


Technical Advisor

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Julia has built technology for almost all of Wall St: Citi, Deutsche Bank, FINRA, Bear Stearns, Bloomberg, and even Freddie Mac. Today she heads architecture at Voya.

Julia guides Medici through the complex technical challenges unique to the finance world.