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Medici Stable Income Fund

The Medici Stable Income Fund blends established crypto market opportunities with traditional financial risk management to offer consistent income through stablecoin liquidity pools.


We prioritize capital preservation through risk-adjusted investments, avoiding the high-risk bets typical of the crypto world. Our investment management is fully on-chain, ensuring complete transparency.

With our fund, you get a straightforward path to stable crypto income, backed by clarity and security in every transaction.


Minimum Purchase


Lock Up Period


Fee Structure

2% / 0%

The Medici Stable Income Fund is open to all US & International Investors. US investors must meet SEC Accreditation Status.


Our strategy is centered on capital preservation, employing strict risk management while targeting optimal yields across various liquidity pools.

Objective: Our goal is to secure steady, long-term returns with minimal volatility by focusing on low-risk stablecoin assets for yield generation.

Implementation: We diversify our portfolio with carefully selected stablecoins, investing in audited, high-yield protocols. Our strategy involves continuous review and adjustment of these protocols to maximize yields for our investors.


The cryptocurrency market, valued over $1 trillion, has established itself beyond a trend, with more than $50 billion locked in DeFi protocols. Major institutions like Citibank, BlackRock, Goldman Sachs, and JPMorgan are entering the space, signaling its mainstream viability.

Medici aims to leverage trading volume impacts on liquidity pool returns, transforming trading liquidity needs into investor yield. As demand for stablecoins grows with market saturation, our yield generation and capital preservation opportunities expand.

The stablecoin sector's growth, with settlements reaching $11 trillion by Q4 2023, close to Visa's $11.6 trillion, demonstrates its increasing integration into mainstream finance. This trend is expected to continue, offering new yield opportunities in a promising decentralized finance landscape. Medici is poised to capitalize on these conditions for enhanced investor returns.


Our proprietary risk-rating system is at the core of our investment process, ensuring we commit to assets that align with our stringent criteria.

Our risk assessment leverages several key indicators:

  • Collateralization Status

  • Weekly Return Volatility

  • Length of Price History

  • Average Trading Volume

These metrics are derived from publicly available data sources and are calculated at regular intervals to ensure accuracy and relevance.

This rating system is integral to our strategy, guiding our selection process. For our Stable-Income strategy, we concentrate on the top 10 highest-rated coins, creating a weighted portfolio that undergoes regular rebalancing to maintain optimal performance.

Investors interested in a deeper understanding of our Medici Rating methodology can find more info on our Asset Rating page.

Jacob Headshot_edited.jpg

Jacob Loo


Jacob's deep understanding of decentralized finance and strategic investments in cryptocurrencies and NFTs have significantly benefited Medici's insights into the crypto market.


His skill in navigating the volatile crypto investment landscape is evident from successful transactions in Axie Infinity (AXS) and Mutant Ape Yacht Club (MAYC). During the last bull market, Jacob bought AXS at $6 before it peaked at $165 and purchased MAYC NFTs at $10,000, which later valued at $150,000.


Jacob's expertise extends beyond Ethereum-based tokens and stablecoins, in which he is heavily involved; he also explores Bitcoin NFTs, the modularity thesis, the appeal of memecoins, and the dynamics of spot ETFs.


Outside of the office, Jacob is an avid chess player and mentors upcoming talents.

Reach out at

Medici Stable Income, LP is a Delaware Limited Partnership. Management is provided by C.G. Medici & Co. an SEC registered RIA. 

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