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Our Team

The People Building Medici

Eliot Puplett, CEO and Co-Founder
Eliot Puplett

CEO | Co-Founder

Eliot co-founded Medici aiming to democratize financial markets and bolster investor autonomy. His tenure at SEI Investments, working closely with premier wealth management firms such as US Bank, BMO, and Wells Fargo, underscored the necessity for a platform that prioritizes investor interests over that of managers. This realization paved the way for Medici, a firm committed to enhancing transparency and access in the financial sector. Eliot also contributes his expertise to the advisory board of Hephaestus Capital and is involved in real estate development. A Bucknell University alumnus, now operating out of NYC, Eliot is steadfast in his commitment to fostering a financial ecosystem that serves the interests of all its stakeholders.

Shariq Ali, Lead Developer and Co-Founder
Shariq Ali

CTO | Co-Founder

Shariq, as Medici’s Lead Developer and co-founder, harnesses his extensive expertise in decentralized systems and smart contracts, honed at The Bitcoin Center NYC, to drive innovation in the blockchain domain. His prior engagements include leading the development of LoopMedia's website and refining the case management system for FamilyPromise, a New York-based nonprofit. Outside of Medici, Shariq is dedicated to utilizing technology to tackle daily challenges and has recently developed a bug-tracking system for fellow developers, as well as LearningJourney, an AI-driven platform for customized self-guided learning.

Tin Shan Suen, Risk Lead
Tin Shan Suen

Risk Manager | PhD | CFA®

Tin Shan, as the Head of Risk, embodies a solid blend of academic distinction and industry proficiency. With a PhD from the City University of New York and a CFA credential, his expertise in quantitative finance is comprehensive. Tin Shan’s career trajectory includes pivotal roles such as Chief Data Scientist at Intelligration LLC, where he created big data analytics and quantitative methods, and as Head of the U.S. Quantitative Equity Team at Société Générale, crafting sophisticated equity strategies. His tenure is further enriched by roles at Avatar Associates, ING Investment Management, Invesco US, and Lazard, where he refined his competencies in quantitative research and portfolio management. In addition to his professional endeavors, Tin Shan contributes as a visiting professor of Mathematics at several NY academic institutions. His harmonious blend of scholarly precision and real-world acumen positions him as an instrumental figure in addressing the intricacies of risk management for The Medici Project.

Aamina Bawany, COO and Co-Founder
Aamina Bawany

COO | Co-Founder

Aamina serves as COO and co-founder, with a rigorous focus on strategy and operational efficiency to drive growth. She previously co-founded Cogniscale, a company specializing in AI-driven data tools, and established AB Business Consulting, a firm dedicated to advancing data analytics. Aamina's past roles include Director of Growth at Ultrapass Identity Corp, where she was instrumental in integrating KYC systems with a comprehensive biometric layer, aligning technology with worldwide government and business requirements. Her tenure at social-gathering startup, Supermomos, as a director, underscores her acumen in business development and community engagement. Moreover, she is a committed researcher, working towards a PhD in Cognitive Neurosciences and Behavioral Engineering at NYU Langone Health, offering crucial insights into investor behavior for Medici's product strategy.

Alex Cone, UX Lead
Alex Cone

UX Lead

Alex is a seasoned entrepreneur and technology expert whose career launched at NASA, before embarking on a decade-long journey on Wall Street, developing critical trading systems for Solomon Brothers, Lehman Brothers, and Morgan Stanley. His collaborative efforts with Steve Jobs at NeXT and leadership positions at Apple and various startups have solidified his status as a leader in digital advancement. Alex has initiated several ventures, including Objective Technologies, ThoughtPort, Medialets, and CodeFab, where he serves as CEO. His tenure at IBM as a Senior Managing Mobile Architect/Consultant for the Apple+IBM MobileFirst initiative underscored his significant influence in mobile computing advancement. Alex has contributed to major projects like the iOS HBO GO application, Barnes&Noble iOS Nook, and has revolutionized digital consumption and shopping experiences. As a recognized authority in technology, Alex delivers extensive expertise in software development, mobile architecture, and digital progression to Medici, armed with a strategic vision and comprehensive industry experience.

Megan Murray, Acting CFO
Megan Murray

Acting CFO | MBA

Megan leverages her broad finance expertise alongside a keen interest in Web3 advancement. Serving as COO at ATX DAO and co-founder of ATX Women in Web3, she has played a pivotal role in shaping the industry and propelling forward-thinking legislation, including the notable Texas DAO bill. Through Megan Murray Consulting LLC, she provides CFO services to startups, demonstrating her acumen in finance and operations within the fast-paced tech sector. In her corporate tenure, Megan has collaborated with US-based trust companies and wealth managers at banks to refine their wealth management solutions as a Relationship Manager with SEI Investments. Holding an MBA from Baylor University and a BBA from Stetson University, Megan is a tactical advantage for The Medici Project as it explores the future of digital finance.

Our Advisory Board

The People Guiding Medici

Chris Mailander
Chris Mailander

Executive Advisor

Chris Mailander is focused on top-level enterprise strategy. He is a seasoned strategist and advisor to corporations and national governments, navigating the complex decision-making processes that lead to exceptional outcomes. He has facilitated tenders and commercial transactions in over 40 countries across North America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa, including in areas experiencing conflict and post-conflict economic recovery. His portfolio includes engagements with MasterCard, Bank of Montreal, the Federal Home Loan Bank System, Unisys, Visa, KPMG Consulting, BearingPoint, the President of Nigeria, the Government of Iraq, and numerous mid-market leaders and Silicon Valley firms aiming to revolutionize industries. Previously, he served as an adjunct professor at Georgetown University Law School and an adjunct fellow at the Center for Strategic & International Studies.

DC Cymbalista
D.C. Cymbalista

Executive Advisor | PhDABD

DC Cymbalista specializes in brand and marketing, leveraging her extensive background in psychology, culture, and business. As the proprietor of The Downing Street Group, LLC, she has invested more than three decades in developing research-driven strategies for businesses at pivotal points. Her notable achievements include a key role in the Dove “Campaign for Real Beauty,” which has become a landmark in branding and communication excellence. DC has occupied significant positions at SS+K and SYZYGY Research & Strategy Development. Her academic credentials encompass a BA in Psychology from Princeton, an MBA from Columbia Business School, and doctoral studies in Experimental Psychology at NYU. Beyond her professional pursuits, DC has enriched the academic and cultural spheres by teaching at NYU, writing a book reviewed by the NYT, and orchestrating a camp at Burning Man.

Marcus Daley
Marcus Daley

Technical Advisor | MBA

Marcus is renowned for his expertise in blockchain technology and decentralized systems. As the Chief Technology Officer at S&P Global Ratings, he spearheaded the transition of the company’s technology infrastructure to a cloud-based platform. During his term as CTO at Mountain America Credit Union, Marcus delved into the adoption of Web3 and digital assets within financial services. Currently, Marcus is at the helm of technological advancement at 3E, concentrating on advanced regulatory compliance solutions, and has co-founded Loot8, a leading entity in Web3 content management systems. His endeavors also include the co-founding of NeuralMetrics, which applies artificial intelligence to streamline insurance processing. Marcus’s pivotal role in the setup of Microsoft’s Development Center in India, along with his strategic positions at Intel Corporation, highlight his extensive expertise in pioneering technology development and deployment.

Sal Magnone
Sal Magnone

Technical Advisor

Sal is focused on data analysis and effective utilization. He is an entrepreneur and engineer with a robust background in financial services, defense, and life sciences. His career spans significant positions such as Managing Director at Sia Partners, where he spearheaded Strategy, Data, and AI initiatives, and the role of Head of Engineering at DAI%TSUNAMI, a strategic advisory firm he co-founded. This firm engages with enterprises in blockchain, quantum computing, and health tech. Sal also co-founded lab347, effectively deploying high-performance computing platforms for industry giants like Dow Jones and Texaco. As CEO of DOOR3, he revitalized the company, expanding its team from 12 to over 60 professionals during a recession. His prior engagements include auditing the FedWire system for PwC and crafting advanced systems for prestigious clients such as Goldman Sachs and Bank of America. Before his transition into the tech sphere, Sal served as a United States Army Field Artillery Officer.

Anne Haurland Profile Photo_edited.jpg
Ann Haurland

Compliance Advisor | MBA

Ann is a leading figure in financial compliance, steering Comply as its Vice President following the acquisition of her previous company, RIA-in-a-Box. Her transition from a Financial Examiner at the Texas State Securities Board to a key player at Comply has been marked by an extensive understanding of U.S. securities law and asset management regulations. Ann's proficiency, honed through her regulatory background and practical experience, is vital for maneuvering through the intricate compliance landscape. Her educational background, with a BBA from Texas State University and an MBA from Baylor University’s Hankamer School of Business, enhances her regulatory expertise. Beyond her professional achievements, Ann is a capable and strategic thinker, dedicated to finding compliant paths through a US crypto regulatory landscape that often lacks official guidance. 

Kevin Conner
Kevin Conner

Executive Advisor | CPA

Kevin specializes in financial governance and serves as the Founder and Managing Director of Conner & Associates, a firm renowned for its proficiency in restructuring advisory, tax, and litigation services catered to investment funds and affluent individuals throughout major US regions. Holding the designation of a CPA, his advisory expertise benefits startups, including Novo Bank in Florida. Kevin's enterprising drive is evident in his role as a co-founder of Bowman’s Tower Venture Partners, focusing on life sciences venture capital. Furthermore, he lends his financial oversight expertise as an Independent Board Member and Chair of the Audit Committee at NuZee, Inc. With a comprehensive background as a General Partner at Westrock Capital Partners (DE), Kevin's broad expertise in venture capital, private equity, and financial strategy positions him as a pivotal figure in advancing Medici's objectives.

Mel Casey

Executive Advisor | CFA®

Mel is focused on Wealth Management and Governance and serves as a Senior Portfolio Manager at FBB Capital Partners. With CFA and CAIA designations, Mel contributes a robust background in financial oversight and strategic planning, developed through his roles as Vice President and Portfolio Manager at 1919 Investment Counsel, LLC. His experience also encompasses equity sales, with notable tenures as Vice President at Compass Point Research & Trading, LLC, and KBW in New York City. Mel is a recognized speaker on market and investment subjects, valued for his balanced perspective in often intense market discussions. His commitment to long-term investment approaches and thorough understanding of US tax law add substantial value to Medici’s product offerings and client engagements.

Julia Bardmesser
Julia Bardmesser

Technical Advisor

Julia is at the forefront of data governance. She is the CEO of Data4Real, LLC, and a key figure in data-driven digital transformation, boasting over 25 years of experience in fostering business growth and practical innovation within the financial services sector. She has held senior roles at prestigious institutions such as Voya Financial, Deutsche Bank, Citi, FINRA, and Freddie Mac, establishing her reputation as a respected industry expert. Julia also holds the position of Chair of the Technology Advisory Council for Women Leaders in Data and AI (WLDA) and offers her expertise in advisory capacities to Avasant, Fluree, and Polymer DLP, focusing on AI strategy and digital transformation. Awarded numerous honors, including the Engatica 2023 Top 200 Business and Technology Innovators and the 2022 WLDA Changemaker in AI award, Julia's knowledge and perspectives are highly valued, making her a prominent speaker and mentor. With a MA in Economics from New York University, her influence extends to directing the future of technology and data governance, helping Medici make the best decisions in these areas.

Dan Doman
Dan Doman

Technical Advisor

Dan focuses on Architecture and Security, bringing over 25 years of leadership expertise to the table, with roles such as CTO and COO across a spectrum of organizations from startups to industry pillars like Morgan Stanley, JPMC, and AIG. At Mastercard, he was pivotal in architecting edge computing services as a Program Platform Architect. His consulting tenure with Resperfecta and TechPar Group spanned strategic endeavors in cloud, security, and organizational transformation within critical sectors like finance and federal defense. Dan's pragmatic approach to engineering and DevOps, famously coined as "build the airplane in flight," along with his deep knowledge in cloud computing, high availability, and security, highlight his adeptness in addressing and resolving intricate IT challenges promptly. His instrumental role in setting cloud and data security benchmarks for enterprises such as Time Inc., and his success in engineering high-volume platforms, solidify his track record of devising and implementing secure, scalable solutions.

Sean Byrnes
Sean Byrnes, Esq.

Lead Counsel | J.D.

Sean offers over twenty years of extensive legal experience paired with a solid educational foundation, earned from the U.S. Coast Guard Academy and Georgetown University Law Center. As Managing Partner at Byrnes O'Hern & Heugle, he delivers detailed legal solutions to corporations, merging his background in litigation with his knowledge of business transactions covering business law, estate planning, and commercial disputes. Sean's diverse career also encompasses positions at McCarter & English, along with his duty as a Logistics Officer in the U.S. Coast Guard Reserve. His practice focuses on supporting small to mid-sized enterprises with formation, sales, and operational legal matters, providing a comprehensive strategy to navigate legal complexities, as well as a sizable network of third party attorneys ready to tackle any legal challenges outside the direct scope of Sean’s own considerable expertise. 

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