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At Medici, transparency means providing all information about the funds, their investments, and manager performance, just as if they were a public company.

What information you see.

Every financial movement in and out of the fund.

The daily transactions of underlying assets in the fund.

All raw data used to calculate performance reporting.

How we ensure transparency.


At Medici, every fund we issue is recorded on blockchain technology. This ensures that every transaction associated with the fund is handled on a publicly visible and immutable ledger. This means that Medici’s data is publicly available and can be accessed on any chain scanner, not just through our own application.

External Data

While Medici leverages blockchain whenever possible, some assets, such as real estate, operate “off-chain” in the real world. In these cases, we publish all relevant data from the bank accounts associated with these assets. This ensures that you receive the full picture, as if those assets were on the blockchain.

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