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Unlock the potential of your DAO’s treasury with Medici’s investment solutions. Our platform ensures stability and liquidity while maximizing returns through our on-chain stable income fund.

What Is Crypto Treasury Management?

Crypto treasury management is about more than just holding assets in a crypto wallet. It involves strategic planning and investment to ensure your organization’s financial health and growth. At Medici, we focus on providing transparent, liquid, and high-yield investment opportunities tailored for the unique needs of DAOs and crypto companies.

Key Aspects of Crypto Treasury Management:


Ensuring your organization can meet its obligations as they arise.


Efficiently managing crypto asset holdings and working capital.


Mitigating operational, financial, and reputational risks.

Why Choose Medici for Crypto Treasury Management?

On-Chain Nature and Liquidity:

Our stable income fund offers chain-native capital preservation with the flexibility to access funds when needed.

Professional Management:

We combine expertise in both traditional finance and blockchain technology to provide robust treasury management services.

Superior Returns:

With our stable coin liquidity pools, you can achieve steady returns between 8-16%, outperforming many traditional investment options.

Our Approach to Managing Your Crypto Treasury


We ensure your treasury’s liquidity to support ongoing operations and strategic initiatives, even in volatile market conditions.


Our investment strategies are designed to optimize your crypto asset portfolio, focusing on stable coin investments that offer high returns while minimizing risk.


We implement comprehensive risk management protocols to protect your assets from market volatility and operational risks.

How Crypto Treasury Management Works with Medici


We begin with a thorough assessment of your treasury’s current state and your organization’s financial goals.


We handle the day-to-day management of your treasury, from executing investment strategies to monitoring market conditions and adjusting as needed.

Strategy Development

Our team develops a tailored investment strategy to align with your objectives, ensuring optimal asset allocation and risk mitigation.


Stay informed with regular reports and real-time insights into your treasury’s performance, ensuring full transparency and control.

Why Trust Medici for Your Crypto Treasury Needs?


Our team brings decades of experience in finance and blockchain.


We offer full visibility into your investments and operations.


Robust security measures to protect your assets.


Access your funds anytime with our liquid investment options.

Get Started Today with Medici’s Crypto Treasury Management

Empower your DAO with Medici’s crypto treasury management. Schedule a consultation to learn how we can help you maximize your treasury’s potential.

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