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Why Web3?

Web3 is a shift away from centralized platforms.

We see a world where you have control of your data and money.

What is Web3?

How does Web3 work?

Web3 is built upon blockchain technology.

In a blockchain, data is produced and validated on an "immutable" chain - that is to say, it is produced and validated on a chain of data that cannot be altered.

This is far removed from a traditional centralized model where data is created, altered, and deleted by a central authority (known as an administrator).


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Because of this unique structure, two people on a blockchain do not need a third party to validate a transaction, because it is validated by the chain.

So a buyer & a seller don't need a third party (like a bank) to execute a financial transaction, they can do it 1-to-1, just like paying with physical cash.

How do we use Web3?

For Investing

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We harness the cost savings of decentralized direct peer-to-peer investing to help users access the strong returns of Web3 Stablecoins.

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