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Why Web3?

Web3 is a shift away from centralized platforms.

We are building a world where you have control of your data & money.

What is Web3?

How does Web3 work?

Web3 is built upon blockchain technology.

Data is produced and validated on an "immutable" chain that cannot be altered.

This is far removed from a traditional centralized model where data is created, altered, and deleted by a central authority.


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Because of this unique structure, two people on a blockchain do not need a third party to validate a transaction, because it is validated by the chain.

How do we use Web3?

For Efficiency


Blockchain technology allows us to break funds into tokens that are more secure, cheaper, and faster to track and trade.

“We have an opportunity to reform the financial system,
to turn it into the public utility that it’s supposed to be.”

- Paul Vigna, Wall Street Journal -

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