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Urban Clouds

It was always about control

Our "Why"

For the past 600 years, society around us has been based on centralized power structures. We see these in many forms such as banks, governments, corporations, non-profit organizations, political groups, and more. While generally well-intended, these organizations often fall short of truly benefiting the people they are ultimately designed to serve.

And where there’s a “them,” there’s often an “us” that is left in the background without a real voice. In its current form, that “us” often ends up becoming the product in some way. We are targets of marketing ads for products we didn’t ask to have. Our data is bought and sold by large institutions, due to terms and conditions we are blindly conditioned to accept without question. And we even become the focus of political candidates seeking our vote, who we may feel do not uphold campaign promises once elected into office.

Over time, these elements lead to distrust of the centralized entities that we expect are there to protect us and seek our best interests.

What if there was a better way? What if there was a way to design a group where the people it aims to serve are the focus of every decision? What if users of a financial company were empowered to have a voice? Is it possible to have Capitalism with a Conscience? Though that may sound idealistic, thanks to advancements in blockchain  technology - we are not too far away from this being a reality and standard of the future.

Our team came together with a single mission: to use technology to make financial advice accessible and meaningful to those who need a better way. We are building a company where users are at the forefront of every decision - where users are protected from dishonest activity - where users control their capital, data, and decisions - where users ARE the Company.

We are building a financial future that bridges the old entrenched systems of the centralized age, and a new era of decentralized power. Where each of us governs our own property, in a collective space offering help, unity, and guidance. A balanced company where both Users & Investors have a voice in the boardroom. A company that doesn't keep its user base or investors separated, but one that builds a larger table for both groups, understanding that we are in this together, and that without our users, our Company is nothing. And that without our Company, our users remain in an outdated system with less transparency.

In a world where we are long accustomed to “us” and “them,” our goal is to encourage the “us” in our “users” so that we are one and the same. The way it should be. Capitalism done right.


We hope you will join us along for the journey.