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Medici Stable Income Fund

The Medici Stable Income Fund is a pioneering multi-strategy Web3 fund designed to merge the robustness of established crypto market opportunities with the prudence of traditional financial risk management. By investing in stablecoin liquidity pools, the fund aims to offer its investors a consistent income stream. It stands out by emphasizing capital preservation and on-chain investment management for unmatched transparency.

The Strategy

Our investment strategy is built around the core principle of capital preservation, underpinned by a rigorous risk management framework to target optimal yields. By focusing on low-risk stablecoin assets and diversifying across audited, high-yield protocols, we aim for steady, long-term returns with minimal volatility. Continuous review and adjustment of these protocols are key to our approach, ensuring the maximization of yields for our investors.


The Opportunity

The cryptocurrency market's exponential growth, valued at over $1 trillion with significant institutional interest, presents a fertile ground for yield generation. Medici leverages this by transforming trading liquidity needs into stable, attractive investor yields. With the stablecoin sector's expansion and its integration into mainstream finance, we are well-positioned to capitalize on new yield opportunities in the burgeoning decentralized finance landscape.


Risk Management

At the heart of our investment process lies our proprietary risk-rating system, designed to ensure commitment only to assets that meet our stringent criteria. This system evaluates collateralization status, weekly return volatility, length of price history, and average trading volume. It guides our selection process, focusing on the top-rated coins and employing regular rebalancing to maintain a portfolio optimized for performance and risk mitigation.


Service Name

The Medici Stable Income Fund is open to all investors that meet US SEC Accreditation.

  • Minimum Investment: $5,000

  • Lockup Period: None.

  • Fee Structure: 2% Management / No Performance

Reach out at

Medici Stable Income, LP is a Delaware Limited Partnership. Management is provided by C.G. Medici & Co. an SEC registered RIA. 

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